About Your Instructor

Can you guess which one is Tim?

Tim Krueger started studying acting at Sarantos Studios in Chicago in the early 2000s at their original Halsted Street address, under the tutelage of Ted Sarantos.

Initially, he was drawn to the school as a non-actor who wanted to improve his business presentation skills. The class he attended was promoted in this fashion and although it taught professional acting skills, he quickly found that those translated directly to better presentations in the business realm.

Later that year, he was given one of the highest speaker evaluations at the Chicago Chamber of Commerce (5 out of a possible 5 by all in attendance).

To Tim’s surprise, he also liked the acting aspect and soon was performing in dinner theater and later became a part of comedic casts at Gorilla Tango theater.

On the film side, he started auditioning at local universities and for independent films during his first year.

Can you guess which one is Tim?

By the end of his second year, he secured an agent in Chicago who introduced him to the world of commercial auditions.

Tim’s first headshot

Fully immersed in both worlds, Tim amassed over 400 audition opportunities, which translated to a little over 140 gigs over a 10 year period.

Whether you want to be a more grounded speaker in your business presentations or you are interested in learning more about the areas of acting on stage, on film, or on TV commercials, Tim will guide you to your destination.

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